One of the main concerns for parents going through a divorce is how the change of lifestyle will affect their children. Being separated from a parent can have a profoundly negative impact on a child’s life, especially during their younger years. This can cause a conflict with the estranged parent that can continue to grow throughout adulthood. This is why it is so important to establish an effective visitation agreement that allows both parents to maintain a positive post-divorce relationship with their children.

The different types of visitation agreements

No two divorce cases are alike, which is why New York has established four different types of visitation agreements that are designed to meet the needs of families. These visitation agreements include:

  • Supervised visits: In cases in which the visiting parent cannot be trusted to be alone with a child and concerns of mistreatment and violence are present, the court will order a neutral third-party to supervise all visits. This type of visitation agreement usually exists when a parent has been previously accused of domestic violence or has had prior criminal convictions involving violence.
  • Therapeutic supervised visits: These visitations involve a licensed therapist, appointed by the court to observe each visitation in an attempt better the parenting skills of the parent.
  • Neutral place of exchange: This type of visitation involves the child being dropped off at a safe location during the designated visitation time. These locations vary depending on the case, with some of the common places being police stations, restaurants, movie theaters and malls.
  • Monitored transition: A monitored transition takes place when a child goes from one parent to the other under the supervision of a court-appointed third party. This guarantees a child’s safety, as well as discourages any conflict between the parents during the drop off.

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